Thursday, December 13, 2007

Farts Are Funny

The other day, Drew was in the living room playing with the boys. Kolby was sitting in the fire truck, leaned to one side like he was looking out the window, pppphhhhttttbbbbb (farted) and laughed!

Drew came and told me while I was washing dishes and I couldn't stop laughing. My Kolby, a little Jim! I'm so proud.


Our internet has been down since Sunday. My house is very clean. And my Christmas shopping is behind.

It's snowing here. Normally, this would excite me. Not today. My mom is supposed to be flying here. Her first flight got cancelled, she got on a later one. I told her to try to get into a New York City airport. She did! The flight summary says IN FLIGHT! Now, pray she is able to land at the right spot. And then pray that my mom, who is almost 60, finds the bus to Grand Central Station and then the train to our city. She has already told me how adventurous she is!

I was explaining to Sage that Grandma, might not make it today. He said, "She will because we asked God." A good lesson that sometimes, God answers our prayers with a no or a wait. Not usually the answers we are looking for, but answers.

Actually, a good lesson for all of us!


  1. Tell Graphma Snady - Howdy and hope that she has an awesome time!!! I bet she won't spoil those boys at all!

  2. Hope she's there and that you're enjoying every minute :) Can't wait to hear about her adventure New Haven.


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