Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not For Lack of Content

Where to begin?

Drew and I were in Minneapolis for the weekend. Target wined and dined us, kind of. It was a great weekend, we completely enjoyed ourselves and would love to move to MN. He is waiting to hear back from a company in Denver. And then, we can begin to make our decision.

My mom came to stay with the boys for the weekend and I totally took advantage of her! Since she was here, I went to Drew's architecture review Friday morning. When I came out, somebody had hit our drivers side mirror and it was hanging. After briefly stopping at home, I went to the car store and got the mirror fixed. $200 poorer and one new mirror, I went to Target to get some essentials for mom since her luggage didn't quite make it to the correct airport. She is such a trooper and wore Drew and my clothes for the weekend. Seriously, my mom is the most flexible woman I know. She proved it time and again this weekend. It started by changing her destination so she could get here and adding a train and bus ride. Then, it was the luggage. Then it was all the running around that I did while she stayed with the boys, I didn't intend to do all those errands, they were the kind of errands that had to be done now and they hadn't even existed the day before.

Kolby had a fever on and off over the weekend and both of the boys' colds got worse. Last winter, we struggled with Kolby and bronchial infections. Looks like this winter is off to the same start. Monday, I took him to the doctor to discover double ear infections and she sent us home with a nebulizer. After the treatment in the office, he was a different kid. He wanted to be out of my lap, looking at books and climbing on the stool. I am smarter this winter and know how to count his breaths and when to take him to the ER. Breathing issues are scary!

While we are on the subject of Kolby, I had emailed Dr. Ponseti to ask him how many hours per day he should be wearing his brace. Kolby should be wearing them 14 hours per day and at naps. I now put his brace on at 6:30 pm and take it off at 8:30 am. It should work since he usually goes to bed by 7:30 or 8 and sleeps until 7. He hasn't minded the extra time in his brace during the day, he is an expert at crawling in it and is working hard on walking! He pulls himself up to things and tries to hold on and walk along. It is a little difficult since the bar sometimes hits what he is walking next to. I will try to get a video!

My To Do list seems to lengthen by the minute! Laundry, pack, Christmas cards, wrap, etc. We have a whirlwind next few days and then we go on our Christmas tour. Blogging will be light.


  1. nebulizers are our friends! I wish Drew didn't have to use it, but I love to hear him in the morning say "I need my beathing teetment."

  2. We get through the cold season with the help of our friendly nebulizer. Without it my kid gets bacterial infections (ear, throat, sinus) with every single stuffy nose. All hail the nebulizer!


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