Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Baby it's cold, outside

We are having some energy issues around our house. Not with our heater, with our three year old. He has a lot of energy and the ways he is choosing to expel that energy is not going over so well with me, or his brother.

I am constantly saying two phrases. "Do not throw things." and "Do not tackle your brother." Hopefully, do not throw your brother will never come out of my mouth. But, I wouldn't be surprised.

I babysit two little girls on different days. Monday and Wednesday mornings a 21 month old girl comes over from 9 - 11am. Tuesdays a one year old little girl comes over from 9 - 5pm. It makes it hard for us to get out of the house. By the time, the 21 month old leaves by 11:15, it is so close to our lunch time, it doesn't make sense to get coats, shoes, clean diaper, and go potty to go outside for 10 minutes before it is time to make lunch.

See our energy problem? My 3 year old boy needs to run and jump and expel his energy. I am not giving him enough time or space to do that without getting in trouble.

My next problem is that it is cold and often wet. I know the kids don't mind too much, but, um, I do. And really, I don't mind, I like the cold, I am not a fan of standing outside in that cold watching them run around.

Today, though something happened. The one year old actually took a morning nap and so did Kolby! I bundled Sage and I (minus my socks, I was wearing slippers) up and we headed out for thirty minutes. The babies slept, Sage ran around, I froze. Life is good. For now.

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  1. My only suggestion to battle some of this craziness (as I call it) is to temporarily allow them to jump on your bed. I know it's not 'proper' or 'appropriate' in some homes but I know it gets a good amount of 'stink' out of my boys. Just a thought...

    love you!



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