Friday, September 30, 2005

Too Much Bragging

Sage has woken up the past two nights. And I don't know why. The first night I tried rocking and rocking and finally gave up and got a bottle, second night I went straight to the bottle and he cried when I laid him back down. That is very unusual, before he would lay down and fall back asleep. He cried for 6 minutes. Yes, I timed it. I was giving him 10 because that is the magic number during the day. If it is longer than 10 minutes, I might as well get him because he isn't going to sleep. I hate it when he cries. It breaks my heart. I was sitting on our cold dining room floor waiting for him to fall back asleep. Maybe he is having a growth spurt. It doesn't make sense because we were gone for 2 out of 4 weeks this month and he did awesome staying in other pack n plays at strange houses and now we get back to our own comfy crib and home and he starts waking up? Maybe it is because I am not as close. I was sleeping in the same room as he was when we were away. Who knows.

He now says Dada, ball and boo. And he uses boo appropriatly! He will peek his face out from behind a chair and say boo. It is so cute!

I think I may have just felt the baby move for the first time! It didn't feel like gas, it felt different. At first I thought, what the heck and then remembered, I'm pregnant. I have a doctor appointment on Monday so will give the updates of everything then.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I love my kid!

He is so great! We rode on two airplanes yesterday and not once did he throw a fit. In fact, on the way there, he was great too. At the end of the flight everyone would always comment what a good baby he is. I had to force myself to say thank you and not I know! And on the last flight there was a little girl who screamed a lot and made Sage look even better! And just now, he came over and started to fuss a little and I asked if he wanted to go night night and he signed please. I laid him down and he didn't even peep.

Except now, 20 minutes after I laid him down, he is screaming and I went in and checked on him to make sure he wasn't poopy. He is just crying. I don't know what he wants but he needs a nap. I think I will get in the shower so I can't hear his crying. It just breaks my heart. It is so hard because I know if I get him out of bed, taking a nap is no longer an option to him. He will let me rock him for about a minute than he will want to get down to play. His cries are subsiding. Sometimes, he needs a good 10 minute cry then he conks out.

I love when he is playing and then he will walk over to me and give me a hug and go back to playing. It is so stinkin cute. He is now quiet and I want to report that was only 2 minutes of crying.

We had a fun time visiting friends and family. It was kind of a lonely breakfast this morning with just Sage and I since Drew had already gone to school. I am pretty tired from the trip. I think I am 14 or 15 weeks and baby center said my energy will be coming back but I haven't felt that yet. But I haven't thrown up in over a week!

My Grandma Mary died yesterday. She wasn't really my grandma but an adopted grandma. Her daughter and grandkids had died in a helicopter accident 20 years ago and my brother reached out to her and then our whole family kind of adopted her. I got to say good bye last Tuesday. It was so sad to see her that way but I am glad that I got to say good bye and tell her that I love her one more time.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Is this my child?

Sage has been sleeping 11 - 12 hours at night. It has been awesome! Ever since we returned from NC, he has been going to bed at 8 and getting up at7:30 and this morning was 8:15! It was like sleeping in! I am not holding my breath for it to last though. Especially since we are traveling, that means he will be up earlier. And we are going back an hour in Iowa so 7:30 to Sage will be 6:30 Iowa time.

Drew is signing up to take the GMATS to try to get into the school of management here at Yale. They have a program that if he can get in to the school, he can get his masters in business by adding one more year of school. It sounds like it will be pretty difficult to get in, so I said go for it and let's see what happens! That is what I said about Yale masters of architecture and look where it got me! I guess we will just have to wait and see. Always waiting for something.

Sage and I went to meet Drew for lunch to get a burrito from a street vendor. They are really good! They rival Chipotle and they are only $5. A guy from China approached us and invited us to a house church. He went to Russia and was saved and met his wife and now he works at Yale Hospital. It seems kind of sad to me that a foreigner came up to me and invited me to learn about Christ. Shouldn't I be doing that to other Americans or foreigners? We will probable go sometime but we will be gone for the next 2 weeks. And one of those weeks, I will get to attend Cornerstone! I am so excited! Speaking of my trip, I better go pack!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Fun Trip

Sage and I had a really fun time in North Carolina visiting my brother and his family. We left just before the hurricane and am glad that we got home safely! It was so much fun to see all the changes in my brothers life. All good changes. He plays in the worship band at their church! It was neat to see him praising God!

Sage and I leave again on Sunday. This time we are going to Iowa! We will spend some time at my sisters house in Cedar Rapids and some time at my brothers in Ames. I am so excited to see everyone! I already know it will go too fast and be hard to come home again. So, the last couple of days have been a whirlwind of laundry and cleaning. It rained all day yesterday and has been today also so i can't hang the clothes out to dry and I really need the laundry to get done so I can pack all of us. Drew will be going to Finland while we are in Iowa. The flight will be long. The first leg going to Minneapolis will be a 3 hour flight! Pray that Sage stays happy and I stay sane! He did really well flying back and forth to North Carolina. His ears didn't seem to bother him. I kept making him drink from his sippy, even when I knew it was practically empty! Then we have a 3 hour layover. It will be a long day. Any travel tips? Should I check my carseat or gate check it? Carrying it around the airport for 3 hours sounds like a pain but what do I do if they lose it? Ahhh the dilema.

Ultrasound: We had our ultrasound on Wednesday, the 14th (Happy Birthday Drew!). Everything looks good and the baby measured at 13 weeks. Which makes me happy to be almost done with the first trimester! It is such a miracle to see that tiny completly formed baby growing inside of me that I am completly oblivious to. Except for the throwing up! I am happy to report that I did not throw up at all while at Brad and Al's. I boldly predicted that the morning sickness was gone at the ultrasound and threw up my dinner that night. Typical.

I probably won't write more until we get back from Iowa!

Monday, September 05, 2005

Gettin Ready

Today I am getting Sage and I packed for our trip to NC! I think he is pretty much packed except for the stuff I have to grab tomorrow morning (blankie and sleepy bear). Why is packing for myself so much harder? Because I don't like my clothes. I never do. It doesn't matter how many clothes I have, I don't like them. They don't fit right, it is too big or too small. And now I feel larger than normal anyway. I have already pooched out a little. Guess I never got those muscles back in shape! I don't think most people notice, only if you are really looking. My clothes still fit but I dont like them anyway!

I am waiting to book a ticket to go to Iowa while Drew is in Finland. He is supposed to confirm the dates today but doesn't think the guy is working. The ticket price has already risen by $4! I am just afraid I will miss the ticket for some reason. My parents graciously offered to help pay for my ticket to Iowa. I am so grateful because I really didn't want to stay here alone for such a long period of time. I am so excited! I was telling Drew last night the things that I am going to eat while there. I am going to Hickory Park and order a Saucy Southerner with mashed potatos, no gravy and for an appetizer, cheese balls with ranch and then for dessert a Snicker sundae! All for under $10! With a cherry coke! And I might go to B-Bops too and get a cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake! I can't wait! And of course I am excited to see family and friends also!

I will probably not be posting or blog stalking for about a week. Don't miss me too much!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Life Update

About my power outage post, later I was thinking how selfish and a word that I can't think of I am. I complain about losing power for 6 hours and look at what these folks in Louisianna and Mississippi are going through. The devestation there is awful and unimaginable. My prayer is for healing for the sick and hurt and comfort for everyone.

I had my first pre-natal appointment last night. Everything looks great. I weighed in at 143.5 which was a shock because when we moved here in May, I was definitey more towards 150. I don't know when or how that weight came off. The babies heart rate was 156. My uterus size seemed to be on track for being 10 weeks along so the due date of March 25 is going to stay with us. I am going to the Womens Center at Yale for my prenatal and will be seeing a midwife but anyone who happens to be on call will deliver me. That could be a dr. or a midwife or a student dr. Different. I am glad that this is my second baby so I feel like I kind of know what is going on and what will happen and am okay with whoever delivers me.

Sage is walking more and more. Drew said yesterday at the doctor office, he was standing back up on his own. Here at home, he wants me to help him stand. He is taking about 10 wobbly steps in a row. He gets so rushed and then falls, if he keeps going slow, he does great. It is fun to see him learn!