Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Long Time No Blog

So, it has been awhile since I have blogged. I might not remember how to do this. Just kidding.

We went to NYC Friday and Sunday. We took the train in, about an hour and forty-five minute ride. We saw Ground Zero. It was (I can't even think of a word to describe it, amazing isn't right, but it kind of is right). I had never been to NYC so hadn't seen the World Trade Center before. I was amazed at how large the hole is. It is so deep. I, of course, cried just looking. They have a timeline displayed of exactly what happened at what time with a diagram of how the planes came in from two different angles. They didn't have any pictures of the plane actually hitting the building. My husband pointed that out. He thought they should so it would remind people exactly how awful the terrorists are. I agree that it would be good to portray those images. Even though it would be really hard to look at.

We also saw the Empire State Building and waited in the line for 45 minutes to go to the top. It was amazing and beautiful. I never would have imagined how quiet and peaceful it is up there. Sage really liked looking out and had absolutly no fear. He was sticking his head through the fence! While waiting in line, an employee told us that we couldn't wait in line with Sage sitting on Drew's shoulders. It is a little scary that they can tell us that. Like we aren't good parents. Everyone in line was disappointed because he was waving and smiling at people and dinging fingers with some. He is quite the entertainer!

We also went to the Guggenheim Museaum. It was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and only the building was interesting to me. I could have skipped the art. Why are naked people considered art? I don't get it.

We walked through part of Central Park. It is so beautiful! There are so many places for Sage to swing and play, unfortunatly, he was sleeping! I definitly want to see more of Central Park. There were so many runners. It encouraged Drew and I to run. My mom is here this week so she can be with Sage if we go early in the morning and then we are going to buy a jogging stroller. A cheap one.

My mom is visiting this week which is awesome. Sage thinks she is the greatest and I get to do things that would normally be difficult like get a haircut, go to a movie with Drew, and go to a knitting class tonight! I have always wanted to learn to knit and Drew has always wanted me to have a hobby! Well, this is one that isn't too expensive, but I have to learn. So, hopefully these classes will help.

Haircuts are really expensive here. I didn't have a recommendation from anyone so I paid $40 because they had a website that I could check out. I didn't want to pay for a cheap haircut and then end up getting it fixed. I guess since I cut my hair a couple times a year that isn't so bad. But in Ames, I thought $25 was expensive!


  1. Hi Kiki,
    Just stopping by your site. Glad I tuned in just in time for your latest blog.

    Thanks for your insight on the Ann Coulter issue. That seemed to be quite a hot topic of discussion. Glad you joined in :)

    God bless!

  2. Yes, we're still alive! Sorry! :( I've been a bad blogger. I'll try to write today....

    Glad you had a great time in NYC and that your mom is there to spend time with. Tell her hi and have a wonderful time together. We're heading to Michigan next week and are meeting up with Nathan, Jess, and Lily (who will be one in a few weeks!). Happy Belated Bday to Sage! Ever thought of putting his picture on your blog? I'd love to see some pics!


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