Thursday, July 14, 2005

Birthday Bubby!

Today Sage is one year old! I can't believe how fast this past year has gone. God is so amazing to create a baby to grow and learn so much in the first year of life. I praise God today for having one year with Sage. He is such a blessing. We got him a toy that he can walk behind and it turns into a ride on toy and a pair of Robeez shoes. One fun and one practical gift, since he is only one and won't remember any of this! Last night, Drew and I made a birthday onesie for Sage. It says Birthday Bubby! with colors flying out around it. It is green, blue, yellow and orange. Pretty cute.

Tomorrow, we are going to NYC! Drew is taking the whole weekend off work and we are going to take the train to NYC Friday and Sunday. It should be an adventure. I guess the train isn't air conditioned and it is supposed to be hot and muggy with a small chance of rain. It probably won't rain because I bought the rain cover for the stroller. I also got a bottle warmer. It is pretty cool. It is this liqued that heats up somehow. It is only $10. But I have to get another one because we will be gone for 2 milks and you have to boil it before you can use it again. I was reading online and a lady said she puts the gel packs in the fridge and they keep the milk cold until ready for use, then you switch it on. It takes about 10 minutes to heat up. And no, he doesn't still take a bottle (well, for half his feedings) it works with sippy cups too.

I am excited to tell you what I think about NYC!

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