Thursday, July 07, 2005

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We had a fun fourth! We went to the beach and hung out at home. Then we watched fireworks in the harbor. They were really pretty and Sage liked most of them. There were a couple loud ones that he started to cry at but mostly he sat in my lap, unmoving amazed. His birthday is almost here. He will be one! And pretty soon he will not be a baby but a toddler! He is working on walking. He walks around furniture and holding onto our hands. He gets mad when we don't want to walk around with him anymore. For his birthday, we got him a thing he can walk behind. And a pair of shoes. I am sure he will be thrilled!

Not much has happened this week (besides the fourth). Sage has been sleeping unitl almost 8 which is nice but he is still getting up in the middle of the night. Last night it was twice. 11:30 and 3:30. His diaper was pretty full at 3:30 and he only drank 2oz of the bottle. I just can't figure this kid out. Mom always says once you think you have them figured out they change! I have enjoyed sleeping until almost 8. I wonder how long it will last.

I have been having a really hard time getting Sage into a dr. for his one year check-up. It is really hard to get an appointment. And very frustrating. I had to get a primary care physician and figure out which one is accepting new patients. I finally got one and then it was one that can't see Sage. She was an APRN which sees teenagers apparantly. So I had to change the pcp and call back. Now, they told me to call Friday morning when the scedules are out. It is pretty frustrating.

My husband let Sage type on the computer the other day. Big mistake, now he thinks he can always type and throws a fit if he isn't allowed. In fact, he is throwing more fits lately. I don't know how to handle him sometimes. He will even throw a fit over eating breakfast. Yesterday, he didn't want the oatmeal and bananas I made for him and we went through 15 minutes of crying before he finally took a bite and realized that he liked it. Every meal it seems like I have to convince him to try it and then he remembers that he likes it and keeps eating but sometimes getting him to take that first bite is really hard. Last night, I gave him some Gerber strawberry apple fluffy things. He didn't want to eat them for some reason. Drew decided he needed to try one. So after forcing two in his mouth that he promptly spit out, the third one stayed in and then he started feeding them to himself. He is a piece of work.

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  1. J (formerly Keller) StaggSun Jul 10, 09:43:00 AM

    Hey, I thought I would let you know that Leah is starting into the throwing fits stage as well! (I think she and Sage are one day apart?) We are shocked! What happened to our sweet little girl who was always happy? I guess this is where the real parenting begins, huh? I find myself getting frustrated easily. We're working on the whole, "Leah, no fussing!" Sometimes accompanied with a more harsh voice which seems to send her over the edge into a full on scream! We'll see what happens over time! Good luck!


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