Monday, July 11, 2005


Sage got his leg stuck in the carriage (cart) again! This time we were at my normal grocery store of Stop-n-Shop. And guess what? A sweet little old lady noticed it and was going on and on about how I needed to go get someone to help me get him out because he is crying (because I of course had tried to pull his leg out). So, she pulls a guy in, he pulls another guy in, by the time his leg was freed (after much crying) there were about 10 store employees and probably 10 shoppers all standing in the middle of the aisle watching and giving suggestions. I go to finish my shopping and get stopped 4 times by people asking if he is okay. I carried him the rest of the time, by the way. One employee that stopped me started out by saying "it is none of my business but you should get one of those things that covers the cart" and then she says, "I started crying just watching him, I had to leave, I felt so bad for him." Anyone remember last time this happened? One person (mui) to get him out with one stick of butter. Not a bottle of water and a bottle of dish soap. I guess I will go buy the shop and play thing. There goes another $20. It was kind of traumatic. I did feel like crying but thought I was silly for thinking that. At the end another lady said to me, you were so calm!

Another day in the life...

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  1. Oh my GOSH I love your blog so much. That is THE FUNNIEST thing! I am always checking for updates. Seriously that is the funniest thing! I can just see you guys! And people really call those things carriages? Hey I have Verizon...when is the best time to call??????????????????



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