Thursday, June 24, 2010

My Poopy Day

My tag line on Facebook is something like "I'm living my dream; I just never realized it would involve so much poop."

That could be interpreted two different ways, like life is full poop and you just have to deal with it. Or, my way, literally poop.

My mom always told the story about my sister smearing her poop all over her crib. Spindle bars, of course. But that was her only poop story. That I remember anyway.

Yesterday, we had some errands to run. Post office, book store, mall, and the library. I am usually not that adventurous in my errand running. I stick to two but we were moving fast and making progress.

We ate lunch at the mall and Levi told me "Peeyou!" Meaning he needed his diaper changed. We did the deed. But the diaper was strangely dry. I changed it anyway, using my only diaper in my purse. (Note: I used my only diaper. No, I don't take a diaper bag with me. I keep a diaper and wipes in my purse. Note: that is stupid.)

We had one last stop at the library to pick up Adventures in Odyssey on cd, it was on hold so it should be a quick in and out. Except that my hold had expired the day before and they are really quick to put those holds back on the truck to some other lucky family.

So we were perusing the book on cd selections. When I heard a sound. A very liquid sound. And Levi said "Peeyou!" And boy was he right. Remember how I used my one and only diaper? And how I don't carry a diaper bag? (I'm so keeping it in the van.)

Being the laidback kind of mom, I just finished my perusing, a little more quickly and we got out of there. I stripped Levi of his overalls and found a gross hand towel to cover his carseat. Calm, cool and collected. We made it home and I got him cleaned up. Drew cleaned up the stroller when he got home. Oh, yes, the stroller was quite disgusting.

Then, we went to swimming lessons for Sage and Kolby. Kolby had an accident in his swim suit. I was not so calm, cool and collected this time. He'd done it last week too so I knew what was coming as to the clean up of him and the bathroom that would need disinfecting. And it broke me. I was a less than stellar mommy. I was a pretty horrible mommy.

I really wanted to end the day and the story on a funny note, but I just can't get over the fact that I was a downright terrible mommy. I have many excuses for acting so terrible. But they don't matter. I was not letting the Holy Spirit help me. Sure I prayed. I prayed "I can't do this!" Um, not really a helpful prayer. I have apologized and reapologized to the boys. I've talked about how I wasn't acting the way that I try to teach them to act. I talked about how mommy needs Jesus. And how mommy had to ask for forgiveness from God and how isn't God's grace amazing? I didn't promise I wouldn't ever do it again. Because I'm a sinner. But, I'm going to pray that I don't break down like that again. It was rough on all of us.

So, poop! It's gross and there is a lot of it in our house. And I'm about to have another pooping machine! But girls poop is cuter and doesn't smell, right?!


  1. Hi friend! Oh, don't feel alone. I have had those days! I think the great thing is that you apologized to the boys and explained the process of forgiveness with Jesus. What a way to make a teachable moment for them!

  2. Yes! Girl's poop is indistinguishable from unicorn poop. It sparkles and smells of strawberries.

    I am so sorry about your poopy day. I think anyone who's been a mom for a few years can relate. Poop, when it's not where it should be, inspires a unique kind of frustration and anger.

  3. I promise those boys will remember all the times you show them unending amouts of patient and love. Not that day. Just as I am praying Caroline won't remember me snapping and yelling, "stop kicking me today!". Hello who is two??

  4. Well, the good news is, Levi was recognizing that "peeyou" was about to come and let you know, right?? Go Levi!

  5. Um, this probably is not a good time to remind you that it was I who suggested not carrying and diaper bag, and instead just sticking a diaper and wipes in your purse. Please don't hurt me. LOL.... For this same reason as you explained so eloquently, I now keep 2 diapers in my purse with wipes. :-) Oh yes. I just figured that it's easier to embrace the poopie. Why fight it any longer? Love you gal!!! xoxo, Alison

  6. Oh, Kristy! I was laughing (and feeling sorry for you at the same time- I promise) throughout that story! Oh, what a day... Even at your worst, you are a better mother than me, I'm sure! Remember my blog post about buying several pairs of underwear and stuffing paper towels in it because I was at the mall, I ran out of diapers and I didn't want to have to get my little dude in the car to leave just yet? Not sure what I would have done if he had had a "peeyou" moment like Levi's. I would've been a bad mommy!

  7. Hey Kristy! I just left an award for you on my blog. You obviously do not have to participate in the award process, I guess you could call it, but I wanted to recognize you anyway!

  8. oh my... how often my day ends up like this. Me not being nearly the mom I should be and having to apologize to my sweet ones. If you figure out a magical way to keep your patience, PLEASE let me know, I'm in DESPERATE need. By the way, I have four girls and I just have to say, I think girls' poop is just as stinky.

  9. I think anyone who's been a mom for a few years can relate. Poop, when it's not where it should be, inspires a unique kind of frustration and anger. thanx for posting.


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