Wednesday, June 02, 2010


I'm going to try to take a picture of the kids the first of every month.
And, I'm trying to learn Photoshop from my husband

Here's June's photo finish.  And the accompanying story.  It was Sunday, May 30.  I had the boys and I dressed and ready to go, early even.  So, I said "Let's snap a picture before we head to church!"

Levi spotted his backpack.  And, would. not. put. it. down.  I gave up.

Kolby found his Spongebob watch from Burger King.  And wanted to wear it.  I gave in.

I told Sage and Kolby to hunch down closer to Levi.  Levi squatted too.

In my eye, it's still a cute picture in spite of because of those things.

I love these boys.


  1. ha! Love the picture and the story behind it. Life with 3 boys...I cannot imagine!!!

  2. They all look so big - can't wait to see you for real!
    I like this idea of yours....Thanks!

  3. aren't you the smartest! i love that finish and of course those cute boys too.

  4. great picture! Good job with photoshop. Of course, the story makes it!

  5. I love the picture.

    You can't even see Sponge Bob.

    The backpack matches.


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