Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This Might Come Out All Wrong

I have this weird running commentary in my mind of what I should write. Basically, it is a running commentary of nothing.

I ate Ramen noodles for lunch. Chicken flavor. They actually sounded good. Food doesn't usually sound good. But, it left a horrible taste in my mouth. Everything leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I chew a lot of gum. And I brush my teeth a lot. When I chew gum, I have to have something to spit it out at any given moment or I might throw up. And when I brush my teeth, I might gag which makes me think I'm going to throw up. And sometimes I do. It's a good day when I don't gag while brushing my teeth.

I love Gilmore Girls. Reruns are on everyday at 4.

I can't login to Facebook. It keeps telling me I have the wrong email/password combination. So, I changed the password via the Facebook people. Last night I had a dream that some crazy person hacked my account and posted some really weird things under my name. And then I had to make my blog private and change all my email stuff. And I promptly forgot all about it this morning. I just checked my email and I don't have an email from Facebook. Any advice?

My fingernails are too long. They are annoying me while I type.

Kolby got his stiches out today. The doctor said noses heal beautifully. And to stop using neosporin. Which the ER doctor said I had to use 3 times a day so that it wouldn't dry out. And he said that was all wrong and now Kolby has a rash, a yeast infection, from using neosporin for a week. Oops. He also said it will clear up all on its own. And he does surgery on 1 lb. baby's hearts. Good to know. Also, next time we get stiches, insist on dissolvable. Tell them Dr. Bloss insists. And we all know that there will be a next time. And if they were dissolvable, it would save me the co-pay to get them out. Or in this case, 2 co-pays. Oh, yes. We went to our normal pediatrician on Monday who said they weren't ready to come out yet. And he wanted us to see a pediatric surgeon.

Sage got a retainer today. The orthodontics has already begun! He has to wear it 24 hours a day, except for eating. He has a cross bite. Every 2 days, I have to make it wider with a key. He talks really funny. And loves to tell me about it. How water goes through this line. And millk. He thinks it is really cool. And he got two cases, one for home and one for school, red, his favorite color. He's taking it for show and tell tomorrow. Well, he kind of has to.

See? Random and weird. It's all I've got.


  1. i'm sure you'll appreciate your random posts someday!


  2. I have always wanted to watch Gilmore Girls. Annalee says it is great for middle of the night feedings!

  3. I like your running commentary about "nothing". Hey, Ramen Noodles may cost next to nothing but it is still something! You've also provided us with some good advice- insist on dissolvable. You know, I started a blog and it really isn't about much. I appreciate that yours talks about Ramen Noodles because it doesn't make me feel as guilty for not being more inspirational in my blog...of 3 days. Ha! Your blog really inspired me to start my own, because I love that you can look back (and your boys can look back) to see what has happened in your family through time. What a treasure! Miss seeing you!! Let's set up that playdate yesterday!

  4. My doctor said a lot of people are allergic to something in Neosporin. He only uses Bacitracin. He told me when I had to be seen, because I had a rash from Neosporin.

  5. love the post and your random thoughts! They are real life, girlfriend! Hope you get to feeling better soon!


  6. FYI...I gag everyday when I brush my teeth. Almost throw up. The after-effects of pregnancy...three years later.

  7. Gracie's "sparkly" retainer is glued to the roof of her mouth and Carrie has to turn the key too! It's fallen out once and had to be redone; she's talking more clearly no. Dr. will let them know soon when she gets her top braces. She's done well w/ no candy and gum so far. Thankful her crossbite will be fixed too. Unfortunate extra expense though.

    Different doctors, different opinions. Sorry you had that along w/ the stitches.

  8. For a while I couldn't sign in to Facebook but it was because I was putting in the wrong email address, not password. But I'm also a complete idiot, so you know.

  9. Hey Sister! Been thinking about you some. I haven't looked at your blog in awhile, and just saw the dig on me for not getting your postcard/ blogpost we're having a baby anouncement. Thanks for that! When I looked at it I was using my ipod, and didn't really see the picture. I definitely didn't read it, and just skipped down to the post below it. Thank God I have a wife to let me know what is going on in my family! Love ya

  10. Ugh. I hope your morning sickness and food aversions pass quickly. No fun.

    Hang in there!

  11. Never done the Chinese Birth chart thing, but this is intriguing. I know you would be happy with 10 fingers/10 toes and healthy, but it doesn't hurt to ask God for a baby who can where pink, right? :) Good to know God is in control.


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