Wednesday, January 13, 2010

stream of conciousness

MckMama has been doing these stream of consciousness posts and I thought I would give it a try. It seems like an easy way to jump back into blogging.

I had been feeling really terrible. I almost passed out in Sunday School but thanks to my friend, Jennifer who brought me a donut and water, I didn't. Sunday night I had an episode in a parking lot of one of our favorite restaurants. It in no way reflected the food, just my current state of pregnant. Since then, I've been feeling a lot better except so tired.

I can't stand the smell of poo. I puked while changing Levi's diaper once. Now I wear a mask while I change it. I made Kolby flush before I wiped his bottom and still almost didn't hold it together. Did you want to know that?

Speaking of Kolby on the pottty, it's amazing he put his poo there today. That has been really frustrating lately. We're back to giving him a sucker every time he does it. It worked today!

Sage and Kolby have been best of friends lately. And I love it. This afternoon, Kolby was being disciplined and in the middle, right before the good part, he said "Ma, Sage my buddy?" Except it sounds more like "Ma, Age ma buhhy?"

They can also be the worst of enemies but it never lasts long. Right now, they are on the deck playing tennis. They've hit the ball over the wall 4 times and I've declared that they won't be going outside to get anymore lost balls. Now, they're sharing the one they have left.

Levi took a spill at the park yesterday and the ground won. He has scrapes under his eye, on his forhead and right under his nose. He tried to walk down a hill. I guess he isn't that great of a walker yet.

I tried to schedule Kolby's yearly appointment to check his feet for flexibility and the doctor is booked through May. I thought I was so on top of things calling in January for February or March.

Sage is getting good at his HOP (Hooked on Phonics) books. He is almost through the yellow kindergarten book. We're going to celebrate when he finishes.

Speaking of Sage, he has a cross bite and got his teeth imprinted this morning to get a retainer. A $250 retainer that he has to wear for a month. He did so well getting his teeth imprinted that the dentist rewarded him with a spinning toothbrush. She had told him that his mom would have to pay for it (he asked if he could have it) and in the end, she was so impressed with how well he listened that she wanted to give him a reward. He came home and brushed his teeth right away.

After sending Kolby back to preschool last week and not having gone over his flashcards once over Christmas break, his teacher commented on how we must have been practicing, he did so well! I love the power of God.

Have I told you our family's prayer for Kolby? We're praying that his speech is dramatically improved by May. We're praying that his speech is so improved that it will only be a God thing. And now, I'm wondering, How should I be preparing for rain? You know the parable where two farmers pray for rain but one goes out and prepares for it? So, tell me, how should I prepare for rain?


  1. I've been wondering how Kolby is doing with the ol' talking thing; thanks for the update! And soooo sorry about the 1st trimester misery. Hang in there...

  2. Awww! This was great! I can so empathize - I was so ill with my pregnancies. Hope it passes for you.You have a really sweet blog!

  3. I'm joining you in prayer for Kolby to be chatting us up like crazy by May. I'm so proud of his flashcard awesomeness!

  4. hmmm...i think you should teach him a small Bible verse (a one liner) that maybe even applies to his situation...then make a video of him reciting it every month, and post them all together in May or June... that might work- usually speech, though it changes "rapidly", also changes smoothly, little by little every day- maybe this way, it will be easier to see the changes month to month and document it?


  5. Love your streams...

    lots of good stuff happening with you!

    Hope the not-so-fun part of pregnancy ends quickly for you!

  6. Love it! Praise God for Kolby's speech! You inspired me to prepare for the rain. Did you figure out how to do that?

  7. I had a crossbite as a kid, but it wasn't corrected until I was a little older. Fifth grade. My baby teeth were "normal" but my permanent teeth came in behind them, so they were set back in my mouth. I was so glad to have the problem fixed. It really embarrassed me.

    Stream of consciousness = good. It's conversational.

  8. For preparing for the rain, I think posting it here is one of the best things. So many times I pray for big things from God and then choose to keep them to myself because, you know, just in case God doesn't answer them I don't want Him to look weak to other people. Yeah, that makes sense, right?? So I think announcing it with confidence to everyone is the best thing you could do!

    And HOORAY for the boys being buddies! I asked Sage if he wanted you to have a girl or a boy and before I could finish my sentence he screamed BOY!!!! and then ran off.

  9. I like Megan's idea...and btw...CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!! I feel horrible for not telling you congrats sooner. Love you and can't wait to hear if it's pink or blue....I'm REALLLLLLLLY pulling for some pink :)

  10. Oh! One more thing, did you hear about Seth Skaggs' miracle ear??
    Talk about praying big things!

  11. Kristy, it was so great to see you yesterday, I enjoyed so much getting to talk to you more! Praying for Kolby, and I hope he forgives me after yesterday when we were playing with play-doh and I cut out a "C" for Colby, although now I know it is with a K. If he starts writing it with a C you can blame it all on me. I was so proud of the perfect c too. Anyhow, praying for you to start feeling lots better, cause I know all too well how awful sickness during pregnancy is! Can't wait to chat more on Tuesday!

  12. It was great meeting you Tuesday night! I hope that you get to feeling better soon. That's no fun. And I also pray for more energy for you, which you richly deserve with three boys!

  13. It was so nice to meet you last night, Kristy! I look forward to more blog get togethers!


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