Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Spew of Confessions

I get the American Girl Doll catalog.

I look at it.

They are retiring Kirsten.

I want it.

I did not order it.

I was very tempted.

How is my future daughter supposed to have a fulfilling childhood without a Swedish American Girl doll?

Drew pointed out that my future daughter will quite possibly not be coming from my womb. So, she won't look like me. Or have Swedish blood.

I still kind of want it.

I wouldn't display her. I would just know I had her.

That is pathetic. All of it. I disgust myself. How materialistic can I be?

You didn't fool me this time, American Girl.

I don't need Kirsten to be happy. Kirsten will not give me a fulfilling life.


  1. Be the time you have a girl Kirsten will be selling on ebay for $1.95 ;) (This is being said in love the way only a mom of all boys could...!)

  2. Kirsten isn't necessary for a fulfilling life. You are right.

    But I thought about getting her too, ostensibly for Beatrix...but who knows if she would be drawn to Kirsten's story? I don't want to foist Kirsten on her just because I want a piece of history.

    It's especially ridiculous because I wouldn't let her near it for another 7 years. A Bitty Baby, maybe, but even then I feel like I could get a dolly at Walmart that would make her just as happy, so that makes more sense...

    Aidan has an American Girl doll (she chose one who looks like her, instead of a book character). She's in 7th grade and still plays with her and drools over the catalogs.

  3. oh, i understand :) i really do!


  4. But she would be so pretty in your closet and the odds are you will have a granddaughter some day... :)

    And I won't tell you that I have Addie and Samantha in a closet....

  5. Ohhh but I do love Kirsten. I don't know that I ever had a favorite. Just when I thought Samantha was my favorite I flipped back to Felicity. I loved Felicity's red hair... If you're praying for Swedish daughter, I'm praying for a redhead.

  6. Ooo - I think I'm going to have to agree with Amber. You need her :) And even if your daughter isn't blonde haired and blue eyes she'll love all things Swedish by default (I'm sure of it) :)

  7. no, not kirsten! that makes me so sad.

  8. wait, i'm confused. are you guys going to adopt?

  9. You're right that she won't fulfill your life, but I think you should get her anyway. You're bound to at least have a granddaughter one day. I say do it! And I'm going to start praying for you to have a daughter.

  10. Kelli, I have Samantha in a closet too.

  11. But what about your Swedish grand-daughter?!

    I had the Molly doll, but secretly wanted the Kirsten doll. :) Ssh, don't tell my mom.

  12. This made me laugh - I'd say get her! Samantha was always my favorite :)

  13. And now I'm depressed because I just looked it up and they don't make Samantha anymore either!!

  14. Are you guys hoping to adopt?!? I'd love to hear about your plans and/or dreams.

  15. oh, dang it. i thought you ordered it.

  16. Kiki - I am DYING over here. Do you know how long I have wanted that doll? I am SO proud of you for ordering her!!!!!!!!!!!!


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