Friday, November 06, 2009

Funny Things I Saw at the Mall

Standing in line at Chick Fil-A, a teenage boy with long blue hair, holding a Hot Topic shopping bag, wearing a black shirt, black jeans and black underwear with holes in it. How do I know he had holes in his underwear? Because he was kind enough to wear his pants right below his butt cheeks and his shirt right above his black underwear.

Would it have been kind of me to point out that his glaring whiteness was showing to the whole world?

I didn't. Okay, it wasn't funny, haha, more funny eewww.

Then I saw a mom driking from her son's sippy cup. And she saw me watching her. I smiled knowingly. It was our little secret. And now, it's the internets little secret.

Happy Friday!

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  1. SO fun. I love your halloween pics and the fact that Kolby is liking school and Levi is WALKING! Crazy. I miss you guys and love you all!


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