Thursday, August 16, 2007

Hi! It's been awhile since we chatted. I know you didn't miss our little chats and I am not sure that I did either. I am trying to figure that out. We went to camp and stayed the whole week (I was planning on coming back in the middle of the week and leaving Sage there) and then Drew had the computer and then I just haven't had much to say.

Our time at my in-laws is coming to an end. We leave on Sunday to start our drive back to CT. There will be so many adjustments again. No more mini-van for us, back to our small Saturn. No more Nana and Papa to listen for the boys so we can go out for an hour after they are in bed. No more Nana to clean up dinner while I bathe and get the boys to bed. No more magical food appearing in the cupboards and milk replenishing itself in the fridge. No more Nana to take Sage at just the moment that I think I might strangle him (I kid). No more dustbuster to clean up the crumbs under the high chair. No more dishwasher that works. And the saddest of all, no more Target discount.

Drew will be back on a school schedule, things never done, things always hanging over his head, night lectures, night classes. I will be babysitting again, at least two mornings a week.

There are things I am looking forward to, things like my coffee maker, my own bathroom, my own apartment, my own space. It will be nice to back in out city, with our parks, our cement backyard, our pizza places, there are definitely things I am looking forward to doing and seeing again!


  1. I've missed you and am so glad I got to see you atleast once this summer.

  2. target discount might get me to stay! I have missed your fun posts. Did the boys love camp?

  3. Kristin - I, for one - have missed you!! I've been checking back (even from my car). But I do understand when you don't have much to say. I read once that if you do want to keep blogging, find something small to post about - even a few sentences.. and usually that will spark your creativity. But don't force yourself, as it should be fun - not a chore.

    We don't even have a Super Target - so I know nothing about these Target discounts of which you speak.

    Magical food comes with strings - it's always good to have your own space (or at least I always feel better - I can't stay with my parents too long or I lose my mind).


  4. I missed you too. Glad your back. Hoping your transition back home goes well.
    Krista L.

  5. Kristy, I'll miss knowing you're less than a day's drive away--thanks for all the visits this summer!


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