Thursday, February 03, 2011

Groundhog Day 2011

Wednesday, Kolby told me about the groundhog. 

He told me that the groundhog lives in a hole.

And goes to the bathroom where he lives, in his bedroom.

And he didn't see his shadow.

This might be insignificant to you, but a huge step for us.  You see, I really have no idea what Kolby does at pre-school everyday.  Sure, I know the letter of the week, it's not hard to figure out that they are going straight through the alphabet.  But his day to day activities, he doesn't tell me much.  And the little bit that he tells me, I don't always understand.  I usually listen to a monologue coming from the back of the minivan and at the end I nod excitedly and say "Cool! Neat, bud!"  I read his facial expressions for what he thought of his day and hope that I haven't agreed to something that I shouldn't!

So, yesterday when we were talking over Dominoe's for dinner, he told us about the groundhog.  And then he told us what he would do if a robber came into our house.  He would get the gun and shoot him. (The gun, being his finger)  Sage's plan is a little different, he would pee and poop on the robber.

Through this whole speech delay thing, my main concern has been that Kolby will shut down, that he would stop trying to talk to us.  I have worried that he agrees to what we interpret him saying instead of us understanding. 

But, now, now we're getting somewhere! 


  1. Your boys have some great plans, there. I bet it's the two-year-old who might do the best job scaring away the robber though - just by virtue of his age! Annabeth welcomed age 2 with some amazing tantrums tonight. Help us, Lord!

  2. if it makes you feel any better...e rarely says anything about school either. didn't even hear about the groundhog. maybe i don't ask enough questions? hmmmmm.

  3. Nothing makes a Mama happier than when her children share their lives with her - so glad Kolby is persevering in making that happen and that you encourage him by being so patient and asking him good questions.
    Praising God with you,

  4. Yay! This makes me so happy!

  5. oh how this makes me smile!!!

  6. I just love reading about your kids. Their plans, should a robber ever enter your home, sounds totally legit!

  7. Visiting you from my friend, Vitafamiliae. My eldest had a speech delay. He hardly had 2 word combos when he turned 3. And then one day, it clicked, and it tumbled out in long, long sentences. He has never looked back. Today he is a super chatter box, and in the first grade. He received speech services from 18m until he started Kinder. Now, he comes home with a full lunchbox because he did not have time to eat his lunch. He tells me he was too busy chatting. He is super, duper non-stop talkative, and strikes up conversations incessantly with strangers. Aaggh.

  8. Hey, what's up? Miss you! Hope things are okay.

  9. How encouraging! It's fun to see how much talking happens at bed time, alone w/ Mom and/or Dad, lights low, no rushing (patiently listening), no distractions, story, prayer, back rub, investment of you + love+ time.

    Doesn't happen like that when they grow up and leave the nest...but still good!

  10. Yay!! That is so awesome, Kristy! I am so happy to read this post. I sometimes cannot believe that Austin still tells me all that he does.

  11. Hey...missed you in blog world lately. What are you doing with all your free time!?!?! :) Just kidding. I have been meaning to let you know that I was in Omaha a few weeks ago, hanging out with some friends, and they all started talking about my friends' blogs that they stalk (via my sidebar.) And every single one of them said "Kiki's Crowd! I love her blog! She's so funny! And such a great mom!" So i just thought I should let you know. There are strangers out there who are also waiting for you to post. Just sayin'. :)


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