Thursday, September 02, 2010

A List

My mind is mushy. 

I blame the baby.

So, a post, in list format.

1.  We changed our minds.  Kolby's going to pre-school.  I talked to the director and the teacher and feel better about that.  After we changed our minds, I bought him bigger underwear.  And since then, he hasn't pooped in his pants once.  Go figure.

2.  At Sage's school, hot lunch is $2, including milk.  That seems really cheap to us, is it?  We made a deal with him that he can buy lunch twice a week and I'll pack a lunch 3 times a week.  I really love the days he buys lunch.  He also has to take a snack since lunch is at 10:50!

3.  We've got the routine of Sage going to school and next week, we add Kolby.  Sage gets dropped off at 8 and Kolby's school starts at 9.  Um, what am I supposed to do for an awkward hour?  That really isn't an hour after you drive to Kolby's school.  It's going to make driving through McDonald's to get a mocha frappe way too easy.  I love those.

4.  Kolby started speech yesterday.  He'll go Tuesday and Friday.  Those days are going to be rough.  Levi will either get no nap or very little. 

5.  I was thinking woe is me with all the dropping off and picking up I'll be doing and how much it's going to mess with naps for my littles.  And then I remembered it's only a phase.  This is the only year it will be like this.  Remind me of that, kay?

6.  I started reading Radical by Dave Platts last night.  It already started messing with me.

7.  The heat is bringing me down.  It puts me in a bad mood and causes me to research jobs in Alaska for Drew.  Okay, not really, not Alaska, but seriously, the humidity is oppressing me.

8.  Annika is all kinds of cute. 

9.  I get some sleep.  Some nights are better than others.  She sleeps in her bassinet next to our bed and usually makes her way in our bed.  I can't be bothered to sit up to nurse her in the night.  I wake up occasionally and switch sides with her.  So, I really don't know how long or how much she is eating in the night.  See number 3 and my new love of mocha frappe. 

10.  Seriously, she is the cutest.  She is also an amazing pooper and spitter.  She's pooped on me twice.  And she spits up a lot.  Usually getting more on me than herself. 


  1. She is the cutest for sure! Very Pretty... I like to think :) You are so right about the phase thing...thanks for reminding me as well.

  2. Thanks for the update - think of/pray for you all OFTEN - knowing how busy you are, what a blur life can be, and the wonder of it I wonder how you do it!
    Hoping to see you soon!


  3. I love the post! Thanks for the update. You are an amazing juggler of kids! I have one question..what are they thinking of lunch at 10:50 at Sage's school? Way early. I am sure all the kids need a snack! Take care,friend! The Fransen's miss the Steffens :)

  4. yeah for Kolby going to school. i think he will love it and do great. i am with you in the dropping off, picking up, no nap schedule whatsoever phase of life. i am praying it's just a phase...please Lord!!

  5. Thanks for letting us know. It was pleasure reading your post! Thanks for the share!

  6. Love this post and the little updates. Yes, there are some days I feel like we live in the car. But, like you, I keep telling myself that this is only for a season. Let's hold each other accountable, okay? :) Oh, and I totally need to get with you and talk about the whole having a 4th thing. Yes, like another baby. Maybe I should wait a couple of months and then get back with you. Ha! :) Seriously, though, am I crazy for wanting a 4th?

  7. Praying already for Kolby's year!

    Can we get together ASAP :)

  8. Kristy...I started listening the the Radical series online last year..around November and I was sick with myself. This has been such a huge eye opener in my, "How about when I read the Bible...I do what Jesus says?" Wow!

    Anyway, I love reading about your life and I have to say the iced vanilla coffee is my fav! Love you!


    Oh..and's 65 degrees and cool right now as I write this (okay, that was mean!)

    LOVE YOU!!!!

  9. We don't have humidity but we have the heat and honestly, I'm just done. So over summer. I keep checking the 10 day forecast, hoping for relief. Nope. I miss VT :)

  10. First, happy birthday to Drew! Second, I loved your list. I feel caught up. I miss seeing you! I REALLY need to come see you and Miss Annika. I want to do that! Hmmm... Gonna figure something out. I'm wondering if Kolby will be going to speech during preschool or if you have to drive him somewhere. I'm glad about those big boy underwear. It sounds like you've got the poop under control over there...except with sweet Annika. I hope to talk to you soon!


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