Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I need a shower.

I want to put this baby down.

Why does Levi hit Kolby and only Kolby?

Why does Kolby cry so much? 

How do you teach self-control?

Am I going to get a shower today?

If I do get a shower, will I be able to put make up on and do something besides a pony tail to my hair?

Why is my diaper bag 8000 pounds and awkward to carry?

I have a weird bruse on the inside of my upper arm.  Maybe I have leukemia. 

I hate waking up Levi and Annika to pick up Sage.

Carrying a car seat in one arm and Levi in the other better tone my arms.

How many more minutes will Annika lay there quietly?

How many minutes will the boys ignore her crying? 

Should I buy her a different headband if the one she has leaves marks on her head?

How much is too much to pay for bows? 

What's the perfect diaper bag?

Maybe having a baby doesn't make me think deeply. 


  1. We use a Mountain Smith day pack as a diaper bag, and I love it. We got the backpack straps so I can wear it hands free in order to tote around 2 kids with my arms.

    I've been thinking about the self-control thing a lot too. And super convicted that it's going to have to start with me demonstrating it. ;P

  2. You're funny. Sometimes I think I have cancer too, among other calamitous infirmities. :)

    Holding two babes better tone my arms too... Cause at least something on this body better be shredded. Sigh.

    I drew the line at $10 for a bow. BUT, I have two girls so then it would be twenty bucks. Would definitely splurge on my only daughter... Enjoy!

    I will be splurging on baseball gloves and Nikes. :)

  3. No, the mark from the head band won't hurt her. She'll be fine. At least my 2 girls are many years later. :) Oh, and you can never pay too much for bows. They last FOREVER and I even wash them in the washing machine.

    Just read your twitter on your side bar. Yay, for the shower!!! Have you ever done your make up while sitting in the car line? I've done that SO many times. It works great.

  4. re: your post on selfishness.

    question: how do you find time to be selfish with 4 kids? :)

    you're too hard on yourself, doing a great job, and MUST get to Target this weekend with only Annika while D watches the rest of the crew.

  5. I just love you and you make me laugh! Can I also say that I think you always look beautiful and showered and the thought has ran through my mind on numerous does she do it all, she looks good, kids are great and well behaved, she is calm and collected. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. The perfect diaper bag = no diaper bag at all. I am at the point (out of laziness) I use a big enough purse to stash a couple of diapers and a ziploc with some wipes inside. I will regret this arrangement someday, I know, when runny tummy or some other malady inevitably strikes.

    I always think I have some sort of disease. It's a good thing cancer isn't caused by a lack of showering, no? I'd be with you on tumor watch. These newborns!

  7. I agree with Pipsylou!!

  8. Your girl will be fine with her headband dent! But they are easy and cheap to make so I always did for Liz when I saw those little headband dimples. I buy all the bows off etsy stores and rarely spent more than $3 or $5. You can find cute ones for cheap.

    I hope holding two littles help tones my arms, too!

  9. I've thought about this for a while and I think, Kolby needs to be the hero. Not that I'm trying to give you parenting advice (I'm SUCH an expert, you know), and maybe y'all have/are already doing this. But if he's always the victim, make him the hero. Sage is pretty well-adjusted and confident of himself. I'd say the same for Levi. But Kolby just needs a little more, like some people do. Give him opportunities to succeed and let him be the ONLY one that does it. Make him the hero of the family, brag about him to everyone (in front of him and behind his back), build him up in Sage and Levi's minds and in his own mind. Sage might get a little jealous at first, but building Bo up and bringing Sage down just a hair wouldn't hurt him :) That's my two cents. Not that you have ANYTHING else to think about right now, plenty of free time to be Psychiatrist Kristy, right?

  10. Kristy,
    You are funny...since I have a newborn I am relating completely to your thoughts, esp. about the shower (which I take as soon as the kids go down at night) and the diaper bag...I use a big Kipling bag. It is perfect-it washes easily, is expandable, and the strap can fit on any stroller:) I love you!! When will our girls get together??


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