Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Worst Fears Realized

We saw the doctor yesterday. He confirmed that Kolby's left foot is definitely relapsing. Clubfoot isn't just a foot that turns in slightly, it is a foot or both that would turn in so much that the child would walk on their ankles. Here's a summary of part of what we went through when he was a baby.

Even though we thought we knew we were dealing with a relapse, we really thought we would be dealing with wearing shoes and the bar at night again.  But, Kolby is going to have at least two casts.  The cast will start at his toes and go up to his thigh.  The cast will get changed to change position of his foot once a week.  After two weeks, the doctor will be able to determine if he needs to do another tenetomy.  This would be done in an OR, with Kolby under general anesthesia and the doctor would again cut his heel chord.  If that surgery happens he would be in another cast for 3 weeks while that heeled. 

The frustrating part is that Kolby didn't get a cast yesterday.  On Friday, he walked through a fire ant mound and his left foot and leg got attacked and bitten.  He probably has 15 bites on his left foot and calf.  The doctor didn't want to put a cast on because then we can't see if anything is getting infected.

Our first challenge is to get these cleared up and prevent Kolby from getting more bites of any kind.  It is almost laughable.  Kolby gets mosquito bites just walking to the car!  We decided he has to wear long pants until he gets a cast.  Long pants during the day and night. 

So, we have answers.  We have a plan.  And we know God will work out the details.  Right now, we're planning on going to the doctor in Dallas because he is covered by our insurance.  And we've met him, we like him and we trust him. 

And don't forget Annika is coming soon, probably in the middle of all this.  Just to make things a little more exciting.  It means I can't go or take Kolby, it will be up to Drew.  And it makes me a little nervous thinking that he'll be gone all day and it will get closer and closer to my due date.  I might need a volunteer labor coach! 

I have cried over this, it's my trial and I can cry if I want to!  But in all seriousness, this is a minor trial.  We didn't get news that one of our children may be dieing, we will have some things that will be challenging, but nothing that isn't manageable.  Especially with God.  He'll see us through.  He is good.  He is faithful.  


  1. I love your attitude. You are amazing. As is Drew. Your kids are so blessed to have you both. Please let me know if you need anything..a meal, extra hands with Levi and Sage while Kolby and Drew are gone. :)

  2. So sorry. *Hugs*

    Um, yeah. So how do you keep a 4 year old from getting bug bites? I guess ant bites are one thing...

  3. I will be praying for you and for Kolby. He IS faithful. Please let me know if we can do anything...don't think I will be a great labor coach (need one myself) but anything else!

  4. Oh Precious,

    I am so glad that you KNOW He will!

    Praying for you all...LOTS,

  5. I love you, Chunk. I will be praying for speedy healing for his bites, no additional bites, and for the two casts to straighten his foot. I will also be praying for you during this action-packed month.

  6. Oh, no!!! Will definitely be praying with you through all of this. Wish we lived closer so there was something else I could do.

  7. Sending hugs to you and to Kolby. I hope that when this course of treatment is done, he will be better than ever. My heart goes out to him. I can't imagine being a little, active guy and having to live with casts.

    Did he relapse because the one doctor was wrong about him still needing help at night?

    Annika's arrival was always going to be interesting and exciting with 3 big brothers waiting at home. Now it will be taken to a new level, but that's okay.

  8. I hate this for you guys. I'm so sorry.

  9. Praise God for the wonders his hands have made! Praying that God will restore his feet and allow him to have a quick recovery. Also, that God will hold you near to Him during this understandable hard time. XOXO.

  10. Oh sweet friend. I am just now reading this.

    I had no idea the complexity of the casts. My prayers are expanded.

    And I was not kidding for one second that I will be your labor coach. I can handle anything you can dish out and will be your helping hand.

    Love you.


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