Tuesday, September 01, 2009

And the Winer Is...


Yay for you! You win a dozen chocolate chip cookies made by me!


That was so scientific since 4 of you entered the contest. I put the 4 names in a bucket and let Sage pick. He thought I might be crazy. Oh well.


So, we were gone for 2 weeks. You already knew that didn't you? What gave it away, the fact that most of you know me in real life and kept commenting, I'm confused, are you home or gone? Or the fact that I scheduled a Wordless Wednesday post for Thursday. Oops!

We visited family and had a great time. I'm still catching up on sleep and laundry.

Drew came home for 4 days in the middle to work and decided it was a great time to paint our master bathroom. Well, part of it. We have 2 rooms, a shower/bathroom and a sink and vanity counter room. He painted the sink and vanity counter room. (That is not the technical term, I have no idea how better to describe it.) It's a coral color and I love it. But, now we're not sure what to paint the shower/bathroom room. I thought we would paint it the same color but he's thinking a complimentary shade. What do you think? Also, anyone know of a place to find simple, modern, cheap mirrors? Please do not say Ikea.

Like my laundry, sleep and bathroom, my mind is jumbled, not working real well. We're coming down off our vacation high. You know the one, where there is always someone to talk to and something to do or go do?

I'm realizing that my life is a little lonely here. But I'm also realizing it is a lot my fault. I'm so good at making excuses for not calling people. I always think people are way too busy to talk on the phone. I usually opt for an email or a text.

Or it's the feeling you get right after your done with a roller coaster. During the ride you feel so exhilarated and right after you get done you still feel rather excited. And then at the end of the day when your driving away from the theme park you're so tired. And the next day, you realize life just keeps going forward. Laundry piles up, dishes are dirtied, stomachs are filled and then hungry again, toys get dumped out and need picked back up.

Life is just so daily.

And Mothers Day Out started today except I didn't find out until 2:30. It was from 9 - 2.

Last night Drew said we need a vacation from our kids. Is that bad? To admit that out loud? We had a little bit of a rough night.

I might be the only mother sending my kindergartner to school wearing a pull up because he won't poo in the potty. I'm not talking about Sage. Or Levi. Although, someday I might. My track record with potty training is less than stellar. The thought has gone through my head that I shouldn't have more kids if I can't potty train the ones I've got.

Welcome to my head, thanks for reading the spewing mess that is me today.


  1. I love your comment - Life is just so daily! All the same activities, just the next day! It is lots of hard work keeping up with laundry , dishes and house cleaning, but I am finding the years seem to be going faster. I can't believe my oldest will be 9 in a couple short months! It's ok to take a vacation from your kids ~ We did that the first time ever this summer for 1 night and 2 days - it was wonderful! The little things you are able to do alone - hold hands, cross the street without worrying and not purchasing kids meals. (saves almost $20.00 for a dinner out!) Tomorrow is a new day - or is it?

  2. "Please do not say IKEA"-- you crack me up. :) Welcome back to the doldrums of real life, filled with all sort of regularness but also a good bit of awesomeness.

  3. I am glad that you are back.

    You definitely deserve some husband and wife vacation time.

    Caroline can't wait to hang out and meet "the guys" (It's our new favorite word except it normally means Elmo, Cookie, and Ernie.)

    And I am excited about cookies, except I feel like I should be disqualified for spelling words wrong!

  4. My sister calls them the post-vacation blahs, and she usually ends up crying at some point. :) I hate when vacation ends! :P

  5. amen to the vacation from your kids. i highly recommend it! i've needed one for quite some time. last weekend (labor day), my in-laws came in to town and my hubby and i got the heck out of dodge. we spent the long weekend in chicago... doing what we wanted w/o worrying about who would eat what or what times they needed to be in bed. it was fabulous! i think everyone should get a vacay sans kiddos every once in a while!!!!

  6. and p.s. my 2nd son also had a really hard time pooing in the pot. it was so bad that he would hold it until he would get so constipated that it was like a baseball when it came out... fun times, for sure. wish i could tell you our secret, but i honestly don't remember how we got him to *finally* start going on the pot. it may have been through lots of yelling and spanking threats... maybe not. potty training is definitely not a winning season of my parenting repertoire either! i actually am thinking about outsourcing it this next time around. (i said that the last time, too... but this time, i may actually follow thru if it is as tough as it was the last 2 times!)


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