Monday, January 26, 2009

I owe you.

I wish she would move to Houston.

Lulu and Levi meet.

Lulu and Kolby meet. One of these pics is going to look really cute in a wedding slide show someday.

Drew built the fort.

My three boys for the wedding. This is real life, y'all. They don't smile for pictures, they pick their noses, but they're still cute!

This is how we got them to smile for the wedding pictures. After each picture, if they smiled and acted right, they got 5 Skittles. Don't tell me you don't bribe your kids! No Skittles were rewarded for the taking of this picture.

Kolby, Eden, Sage. Eden loved Kolby. She danced with him at the reception and followed him around, reporting to Drew all that he did. He was a willing partner until I tried to film them, then he got all shy.

Cousins. Danny, Kolby, Sage and Caleb.

Cousins Playing King of the Mountain.

Oddly enough, I miss this.


  1. I adore the pictures and it was so much fun to have y'all in Iowa! The snow is dirtier now and we have had a couple heat waves when the temp was above zero...I am so thankful the boys were able to enjoy the weather and make good memories. It is NOT odd that we all miss you!
    Love, Mom

  2. I hate it!(the snow)

    Great pictures of your cute boys!

  3. Hey! This is Karoline's friend Sarah... love reading your blog... your boys are so adorable!! I'm always interested to see how all boys is different from all girls. Love the pictures of Lulu with the boys. Working on the arranged marriage??? :)

  4. I have a whole jar of bribery on my kitchen counter as we speak.


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