Wednesday, March 19, 2008


My mom watched our boys while we were searching for a house. This is the third time this year that she has traveled, stayed in our home and unfamiliar city and taken care of our boys. This is the first time that she ventured out in the city in the car!

What can I say, she is my mom, so I trust her completely. The first time, was for our anniversary trip in May, the second was for a quick weekend trip for us to check out a job possibility and the third was the longest, almost a week, Monday morning before the kids woke up to Saturday night after the kids went to bed.

The first trip, my mom got sick the first half of the stay, so the boys watched a lot of dvds, just like they would if I were sick. The second trip, the boys got colds, so the watched a lot of dvds, but nothing serious, just the laying around variety of a cold. The third trip, Kolby got sick.

On Thursday, mom told me he was coughing a little, but it didn't seem to be a big deal. On Friday, mom called and said he was coughing, raspy and wheezy and had been up in the night. I told her to go ahead and give him a breathing treatment and he probably had an ear infection. She decided to call the pediatrician and take him. Like a good mom, I had left her google directions to the pediatricians office. And then to Target to get prescriptions, thinking that if I left them, surely, she wouldn't need them. They gave Kolby another treatment at the office, less than 3 hours after his first, sent her on her way with prescriptions for anti-biotics and more nebulizer treatments. I had discontinued his daily nebulizer because he was doing so well, apparently, I should not have done that. The instructions they gave her were for every 3 hours, around the clock. So, Friday night, like he is a newborn, Kolby wakes up every 3 hours for a breathing treatment and then from 1 am to 5 am "were not good" according to mom. She calls the ped. in the morning who wants her to bring him in to check his oxygen levels and such. So, she's tired, Kolby's sick and Sage feels slightly left out. She tells Sage that they have to take Kolby to the doctor again. He looks at Kolby and tells him that he ruined all the plans. Kolby burst into tears. Mom tells Sage that wasn't nice, he didn't mean to get sick, Sage burst into tears and I think I called about 10 minutes after that.

His levels were fine, she just needed to continue every 3 hours.

We are at every 4 hours, which means I am still getting up once a night around 3 to give him a treatment. Last night, Kolby and I were both wide awake while he took his treatment. Then, when I thought he was asleep, I heard some banging noises. I go to check on him and he is snoring away. It must have been his shoes hitting his crib bars.

Yesterday, we were driving home from the grocery store and Sage was telling me how Grandma pretended to be his mom last week because she took care of him. I asked if she did a good job, to which he replied, "Yeah, except, she goofed on the roads and she said Oh shoot, Oh shoot." He kept saying "Oh shoot. Oh shoot."

I'm still hearing little stories about Grandma!


  1. Oh my gosh I nearly fell out of my CHAIR. Remember when your mom got busted for speeding on the way to the 1st avenue Hy-Vee? That is what she said as she cried, "Oh shoot! Oh shoot!"

    What lucky boys to have such a wonderful grandma!

    Thanks for the laugh today. I nearly fell out of my chair.

  2. I sympathize with you and Grandma! We didn't have to do through the night treatments, but we we every 2-3 hours during the day. Our steriods did the trick then we got our FIRST ear infection and got antibotics.

  3. The "Oh shoot!" quote made me laugh too. :) I haven't heard too much from mom about her trip, but she did say that Sage was so well behaved and helpful--seriously! I miss them! (You too)


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