Saturday, March 22, 2008

Confessions and Random Thoughts

The Cadbury eggs did not make it into the Spring Baskets as planned.

I do not like my hair cut. I have been trying for 2 weeks now and keeping a good attitude and yesterday, I realized, I just don't like it. The main thing that I don't like is the layers. They are all long layers and they must be styled. They must be straightened and flipped under or they must be curled. And, I don't like the way it looks either way. The bangs, I am still not sure about. They look okay, but they kind of make me look like a 12 year old girl who tried to cut bangs herself. I keep chanting, it will grow, it will grow.

I think I want to cut it all one length to the shortest layer. Drew is against this.

I am attempting to fill out a preschool application that is 6 pages long and asks to describe your child as objectively as possible and to describe why I want him to attend this preschool.

When I fill out why I want him to attend, I can't help but think, I don't! I want him home with me.

Sage wants to go to preschool.

I kind of want him to go to preschool.

He's napping right now, so I want him to stay home!

How do you objectively describe your child? He's perfect, he's smart, he's eager to learn, he has a soft heart, he is learning to be a good friend and brother.

I go back and forth between wanting to home school or not.

Then I try to teach him to write letters.

And I want to send him to preschool.

I am excited to move.

These are going to be the hardest weeks of all of Drew's school career.

We have already started getting rid of stuff.

Okay, so Drew did. He listed stuff on Craigslist. And it was sold within 2 days.

Except our washer.

Anyone know of anyone who wants a little washer that hooks up to the kitchen sink?

I kind of don't want to use cloth diapers anymore.

Kolby's poo has been especially tarish lately.

Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs are so yummy.

They did make it in the basket, barely.


  1. SIX pages!!! Wow I hope it is an awesome preschool? I know that Ally and Drew love it and they learn so much that I can't/don't remember. Silly songs and rhymes!

  2. OK, I have now seen your hair in person several times and I must state for the record that you look adorable and chic and now have killer cheekbones. I readily admit, however, that it's YOU that has to be happy with your hair. :)

  3. Shave that dog. Teach it to hunt!
    Tarish peanut butter diapers hmmmmm
    Have these been clogging your washer?

  4. Jess formerly KellerThu Apr 10, 03:31:00 PM

    I'm totally with you on the preschool thing. We visited one yesterday and she loved it, but I don't know! I also have attempted to teach her letters and she is SO not interested! We will probably send her for the social interaction and keep working on the academic stuff here as well. I also vascillate between home schooling and public school. Hard choice.


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