Friday, March 07, 2008

Before and After Shots


  1. LOVE IT.

    You needed something that drew attention to your face, since it's a beautiful one!

    SO cute. Do you like it?????

    It looks like it will be super easy to do, too!

  2. Very very nice!! Makes you look much more fresh. I'm ready to do something with my "DO" too but I'm waiting until after Shaun's wedding. Maybe I should consult your hair guru?? Looks great!

  3. I LURVE it. I think the length is so flattering to your face, and looks polished and stylish. And I don't know why, but you look way thinner in the after picture too. How did you do that?! And is that really a short Amelie-ish bang, or is it just swept way to the side? Either way, I think that it is very chic.

  4. Love it too. I'm inspired. I always chicken out when I sit down in the chair. Did they talk you into some "product"?

  5. The bangs are really that short. Although, today, I have them more straight and I think I like it better.

    No product! She cuts hair out of her parents house for only $35! For CT, that is a bargain.

    I am liking it better today. She took a lot of length off, so I won't mind it growing out a bit. But mostly I like it.

  6. I love the new haircut!! I bet it's easier to dry now!! Way to go, I need to send my picture to your frined too...
    oh, I'm a friend of the Criddle Girls too!


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