Saturday, June 03, 2006

First Time For Everything

First ER Visit: Kolby fell off Sage's bed. I irresponsibly and stupidly laid Kolby at the foot of Sage's bed while I changed Sage's diaper. By the time I was done, Kolby was crying on the floor. The hardwood floor. He isn't even 3 months old. He is crying. Sage is crying. I am praying. I try to nurse him, he cries, he latches on, he falls asleep, immediatly. I try calling the doctor, Drew. No one answers. I put him in his car seat. He stays asleep. He always crys when I put him in his car seat or put him down. He prefers to be held. I decide to go to the ER. I call Drew approximatly 8,000 times. He finally calls. He will meet me at the ER.

The nurse takes Kolby back to get him started. Sage cries. He doesn't want his brother to leave. Drew walks in. We all go back with Kolby to get him weighed and looked over. We sit in the waiting room. We get taken to a room. He is doing better. Wide awake. Looking around. Smiling. We call our parents. They order a Cat Scan. We decide Drew and Sage will go home. I stay with Kolby. Cat Scan done. I finally nurse him. Cat Scan read. They see a small spot on one of the hundreds of pictures. They might want to keep him overnight to be safe. They take some blood and put in an IV. He screams. They want to watch him overnight. We wait for a room on the pediatric unit. I talk to the nurse and the doctor. Kolby sleeps. Cell phone keeps ringing. Finally, I can sleep. Kolby wakes up. Nurses one side. Falls asleep. Won't wake up. Rub water on his face. Call the nurse. Says she isn't worried since he ate on one side. Kolby wakes up every couple of hours. Long night. Drew calls at 7:15 and wakes me up. Kolby wakes up. He nurses. We get discharged by 10.

Long night, Kolby is back to normal. He is supposed to avoid activities that might cause head trauma.


  1. Oh, Kiki, the life of a mother! :)

    I actually laughed when I read, "He is supposed to avoid activities that might cause head trauma." HAHAHA!

    Thank you for your congratulations!!!!!!!!!!

  2. We've all been there! We have concrete flooring in our house with thin carpet and no padding. I can't tell you the number of times our children (2 and 16 months) have fallen and hit their heads...and I've sat worried and praying to the Lord that everything will be okay. Add to that the fact that I used to work in a pediatric hospital on the unit that dealt with head injuries. Ugh!!

    We will continue to keep your little guys in our prayers. They are beautiful by the way!


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