Wednesday, April 19, 2006

I'm Back!

So, I am back in the blogging world. Our motherboard in our computer fried and hasn't been fixed yet. Fortunatly, my in-laws are here visiting and brought a lap top!

Kolby is doing great. He is a pretty good baby. His fussy time is in the evening, from about 6 to 10. He cries a lot and I usually end up nursing him a lot. He seems pretty gassy and I have cut back on chocolate, thinking that might help. I haven't noticed too much of a difference.

His feet are healing very nicely. He has been cast every Tuesday for the last 4 weeks. We skipped this week since the doctor is on vacation. He will be cast next week and then May 1, will have his heal cords cut in surgery and then wear the last cast for 3 weeks. Sometime around the 21st of May, he will get those off and start wearing the brace all the time until he is 6 months old and then at night until he is 4. The doctor said the brace is the hardest part of the treatment since it is so easy to take off. It is amazing to see the difference when his casts come off, his feet are straight and look more normal. I still can't post pictures since they are all on our hard drive. But someday, I will show you before, during and after pictures.

Sage is doing really great. He is such a sweet boy. He likes to give Kolby hugs and kisses and sometimes requests to hold him. He gets a little jealous when I am nursing Kolby but gets over it when he can watch tv. So, now he watches too much tv! He is talking more and more. Not all words are understandable, but he is trying. Last night, he was sitting in his chair for dinner and I had his plate fixed so the food would cool down. He asked for it and I said we need to wait for everyone and pray first and then we can eat the food. He promptly folded his hand, said some undecernable words, said men for Amen and looked at me like okay, I prayed. It was so cute. He understands so much of what we say it is amazing! And he loves to hide from us. He will go into the dark bathroom and hide behide the shower curtain when it is bathtime. And he will go in our closet and shut the door so we can't find him. He also really likes to hide under blankets but he thinks if his head is covered, we can't see him, so usually his body is uncovered. He also covers his eyes with his hands and then uncovers them and says boo! Too cute.

Anyone have a great diaper bag? Mine is too small for two kids. It has to be a messenger or back pack style.

Also, a swing? Ours is the cheapest one from Target and it keeps coming apart. It makes me nervous that Kolby is going to fall out!

It is good to be back and hopefully our computer will be up and running soon!

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