Wednesday, June 27, 2012

10 Minutes... GO!

I'm giving myself 10 minutes.

I miss this little space.

I'm losing myself. Actually, I think I've already lost myself. I can barely talk about anything other than my kids or what I should do around the house or should do with my kids.

I haven't been making them read or go over math facts like I thought I would. I mean, we do some, but not everyday. Maybe 1 or 2 times a week.

See, look, I get on my blog and all I can think to write about is my kids!

The big ultrasound was today.

Sorry, no gender announcement this time! We're waiting like old school.

But the baby looks great, healthy with straight feet. She did a great job making sure she got good looks at both feet.

It's amazing all that we can see in there.

I was relieved when it was over, just knowing we passed a big test. I was more anxious about this ultrasound than I realized. A worry for me was clubfeet. I knew there could be anything, but I've experienced that and I was really concerned with how we would juggle all the doctor appointments with school and where. Now, I get to let that go for real.

We're trying to cut out preservatives and dyes in our foods in our house. We've noticed a behavior change in some of the children when we stay on top of it.  There is a lot more emotional control.  And our grocery bill has increased.

It is hardest when not at home. Or when I just don't think ahead.

I don't want to think about how much of summer is already over and how I should be getting us ready for the next school year. I haven't even unpacked backpacks.

There is a lot to do.

But, that's a post for another day, my timer is up!

This is so pathetic but I'm going to post it, 10 minutes a day. That's my goal.


  1. You are too funny and your kids are too cute! I love being in the PreK room and getting to hang out with Levi. He cracks me up!

  2. I thank you for your ten minutes! I love hearing about anything you say...rearing kids is your life right now so that is what is on your heart and's OK!!! Praying....Mom

  3. Loved this, Kristy! I didn't realize there was a baby #5. So happy for you all! I know he/she will be beautiful like the rest. I miss your face!

  4. so glad to hear an update...and to hear that the ultrasound went well!

  5. "I've lost myself!" How I relate! :) Thank you for the ten minutes. I often think about you and wonder what you're up to! I tried texting you on your birthday but I don't think you got it. :( So, Happy Birthday, 6 months late! See what I mean? I've lost control over anything I wanted to do! ;)

    Congratulations on a healthy, happy baby! 5 kiddos - you'll do great - I honestly couldn't imagine anyone else doing a better job at it than you!


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