Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Five Dollar Foot Long

I sat outside yesterday in our blue camping chair next to the kids writing sidewalk chalk. I looked at catalogues. I realized I was looking at clothing catalogues for me and I wouldn't be buying any of those clothes. And then, I opened a kids catalogue and found some cute, neutral baby rompers.

And yes, those I can buy.

Which explains my 8'oclock bedtimes and nightly Tums taking.

Now let me explain my weird pregnancy.

I gag or throw up when I brush my teeth. I think it's common.

So, I always have a gross taste in my mouth.

But, I gag a few minutes after chewing a piece of gum.

So, LifeSavers, winter mint have become my taste saver.

I gag just thinking about something gross or relaying a gross story.

I feel generally yucky and look like death warmed over.

I get so tired after taking a shower, I decide that wet hair and minimal make-up is the best that I can do.

I cooked two meals this week for my family and feel like mother of the year for it.

I can. not. walk through the meat/fish department at the grocery store. I walk as far away and still barely make it through.

Strangers look at me funny as I gag and hurry through.

Frozen chicken breasts? Those, I can handle.

I want protein a lot. This morning, I ate a hard boiled egg at 7 and drove through McDonalds for a sausage egg biscuit at 10:30 and a mocha frappe. Those two things picked my mood right up.

I rarely eat Arby's roast beef but have had it 3 times since I found out I was pregnant.

So, there you have it. I'm due at the end of October, beginning of November, right when our nice Houston summer will be wrapping up. Perfect.

When I told my brother, he kept singing "Five, five dollar foot long."


  1. Congratulations! What exciting news... And oh, the first trimester-- what a miserable time. It always makes me eat a lot of fast food and protein just to function as well.

  2. AHHHHHH!!!! NO WAY!!! You, my dear, are an amazing and brave woman. Congratulations!

  3. Love that bebe in your belly.

    My stomach turned in knots and nausea thinking about walking through the meat section when I was pregnant with both girls.

    I am thinking Anni might have a sister.

    Love you! Praying for strength and gagging to be gone!

  4. Congratulations! Hope the first trimester symptoms end quickly for you:)

  5. Oh, maybe you're having a girl because that's how I always feel. *shudder* I mean down to the McDonald's breakfast and mocha.

    Congrats again!

  6. I've loved Arby's roast beef sandwiches this pregnancy too!!!


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