Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Brown Bag

The house is quiet.

Lunches are in the fridge.

Dishes have dripped dry.

Dishwasher is delayed.

Too many lights on.

Drew had a meeting at 8, left at 7:15.

The throes of showers, picking up and nursing Annika.  It was relatively calm when he left.

Sage in the shower.  Kolby on the computer.  Levi watching Kolby.  Annika nursing snoozing.  Me iPadding.

It stayed that way for .25 seconds after he walked out the door.


I get really flustered on home school days.  I just want to get all the school work done.  And quickly!

Sometimes, I need a brown bag to breathe into.

I want to say I drop to my knees instead.

Sometimes, I bark at them.

Do your handwriting!

Levi, be quiet! I'm teaching your brothers!

Where's Annika?

Are the bathroom doors closed?

I'm learning.

They're learning.

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  1. I bark too much. And there are always too many lights on.


  2. Ah yes :) I am familiar with the days when dad leaves and everything seems peaceful - then pandemonium breaks out...then everyone crashes from hours of craziness..and he arrives home thinking "how peaceful!" lol
    thank you for sharing! Over from "Just write"
    Michelle G

  3. Oh, I know the feeling! I seem to be a slow learner.

    But really, why does life turn to chaos right after my husband leaves, and only calm down again thirty seconds before he walks back in the door? This is a mystery I do not yet grasp.

  4. Earlier today I reread a post of yours from 3/8/07, in part it reads: "See what is on my mind? Sage,potty training and Kolby,walking... it will all probably happen in a matter of months, and then, I will probably want a newborn!"

    That has happened twice already and now you are on to teaching even more things to them, and you know what...before you know it, they will be in high school (just ask your big sis)...ENJOY every moment!

    I love you so,

  5. What's that cliche? The days are long but the years are short.


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