Tuesday, February 09, 2010

4 Questions

From the mouth of Kolby:

1) Ma, you my mommy?

2) Ma, Dew my dad?

3) Ma, any monter (monster) here?

4) Ma, Yebi (Levi), Shage (Sage) my brother?


  1. If you were Jewish I'd ask if they were the new 4 questions for passover... hugs from all of us up here. Jere

  2. So precious. Just can't get enough of it.

  3. That just put the BIGGEST smile on my face! I LOVE number 3. Asher always says that, "There no monster? There no monster?"

    Aren't little boys so sweet and CUDDLY?

  4. You know I LOVED this one!! Just loved it! Austin was so excited to see Kolby on Wednesday. They gave each other a hug. I love hearing about your precious Dobie (how Austin says it), Yebi & Shage!


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