Thursday, December 14, 2006

He Needs Me

I change his diaper

He needs me

I bathe him

He needs me

I tickle his feet

I wipe off his sticky hands

He needs me

I lay him down for a nap

He sleeps

He cries

I lay down with him

He needs me

He snuggles his chin to mine

He needs me

He rests his arm on me

Alway touching me

He needs me

He sleeps


I need him

I need to rest

We rest together

We need each other

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Weaning rethought

Nursing isn't hurting as badly and so I have decided to forego the weaning process for now. I might still give Kolby a bottle or two everyday so that I can make sure I stay pain free. I missed it, it made me sad to be stopping. So, I decided why stop. He is doing great with going back and forth so I feel confident that we can keep this up longer.

I also learned that I might have been attaching him wrong. Did you know you are supposed to line up their nose with your nipple?

I'll leave you with that thought.

Poop stories

I got to go out last night and Drew fixed dinner and put the kids to bed. At dinner, Drew farted silently. Sage immediatly looks at him, points his arm and hand and says "Dada. Poopy. Bopper (diaper). Change. Now. Please!"

Also, yesterday afternoon Drew was home with the boys and he told Sage he was going to take a nap on Sage's bed with Kolby. Sage left the room, shut the door then peeked it back open and said "No talking!"

This morning, Sage was standing in the living room looking at a book, looked up, smiled big and said "Me fart!" followed by "Me poopy gain." Good morning to you too.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Boggled Thoughts

*************WARNING**************Breastfeeding talk*************

I have decided to wean Kolbs. Nursing started to hurt about a month ago. Just on one side and just for the first few minutes. I tried a couple different things like switching to a cotton bra and just getting through it. Then both sides started to hurt. Then it wasn't just for a few minutes, it was the whole feeding. I tried to go to a breastfeeding support group but they said I couldn't bring Sage. Thanks for the support! (that was sarcastic, if you didn't catch it) So, I just kept going on. And then the thought entered my mind, wean him. I didn't feel at peace about it and then I talked to my mom, husband and friends and they said, "You have done a great job, he is a very healthy baby, do what is best for you." Everyone is so supportive but I still don't feel right. I feel like I am giving up, quiting. He is fine. He takes the bottle. He gets excited when he sees me making it. And then I think maybe I should just keep nursing him. And then I nurse him again. And it hurts. And then I think I am doing the right thing. But, man, bottles are a pain. Making them, washing them, carting them around and the formula. Maybe I am just sad to let the nursing relationship end. I think I am doing the right thing. And then self-doubt comes back. Maybe I should just keep on and nurse through the pain. And then i nurse him and wince the whole time and wonder how long one baby needs to nurse anyway. So, I'm weaning. He takes 3 bottles a day and nurses twice right now, early morning and right before bed.

Also, Kolby is a punk. He still wakes up during the night. Some nights as many as 5 times, others just once. Sometimes, he just needs his passy and then he goes back to sleep but sometimes I have to rock him back to sleep. He eats between 4 and 5 am still. I am tired. 3 bedrooms would be nice...

Sage is so excited to fly on the pairplane and see everyone! Drew told him that he gets his own seat this time but he has to keep his seat belt buckled and that his ears might hurt. Later in the day, he said "Pairplane, ears hurt?" And covered both ears with his hands.

He has been asking to sit on the potty, runs to the bathroom and then doesn't want to. He has sat many times and produced nothing. He knows if he does, he will get m&m's. Today, he looked at me, yelled "POOPY!", ran to the bathroom, then yelled and ran out when I came in to help, then ran in again and wanted to sit on the potty. Do you think he hears voices?

When should kids start learning their colors? Sage thinks everything is red or black or geen. But rarely gets them right.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sageisms Part 2

He will ask to ride the Nascar car at the mall everytime. Today I said yes and plugged in my dollar. If you have never seen this car, you pick a course and the car moves like it would if you were really racing it, so it tilts and shakes. As soon as it starts to tilt, Sage's eyes get big and the fear comes over his face. Then it starts to shake and the screams start and I can't get him out fast enough. I felt bad when he wouldn't get back in when it was all done because he was scared.

Whenever I am in the kitchen, he asks "What makin, mama?"


Yog. (yogurt)

If I leave my Dt. Coke glass out, he will always pick it up and try to drink that last dribble.

He takes his shoes and socks off in the car and doesn't care that the ground is cold when I make him walk from the garage to the house without them on. It is supposed to deter him from doing it next time, but it has happened 3 times.

At the mall, if I mean, when I walk in to the Gap, he says, "No yooking, mama!"

If the stroller stops and he deems it unnecessary, he says "Push me!"

Q: How can you make both boys cry at the same time?

A: Yell "Hip, Hip Hooray!" loudly.

You will see two chins quiver, four eyes fill with tears, two mouths drop open and hear two loud cries. Then you will see two parents laughing as they each reach for a little boy to comfort.