Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Big Changes

So, I haven't posted in a while. We went camping last weekend, we had so much fun and both the boys did awesome sleeping in the tent. One afternoon we all laid down in the tent for a nap!

Big Change 1: Kolby now sleeps in the crib in "the boys room". Sometimes Sage wakes up when Kolby cries out letting me know it is time to eat and says "Holby, ssshhhh." His voice is the I am sooo annoyed with you right now, voice. And Kolby usually cries louder because it startles him!

Big Change 2: Drew started school today. 2 more years, 2 more years, that is my almost daily chant.

Big Change 3: Kolby is eating solids. I started him about a week ago and he is doing great! After his first meal was done, he cried. That was a pretty good sign that he was ready.

Big Change 4: Kolby is in the big boy car seat, no more infant carrier. His weight wouldn't allow it! Grocery shopping and errands are a bit trickier. I carry Kolbs in my Ergo and Sage sits in the cart. It is kind of a pain since when we get there I have to take Kolby's shoes off and then put him in the carrier so that he can have his shoes off some other part of the day also.

Sage gets annoyed with Kolby on a regular basis. For example, if Kolby's leg drifts toward Sages when they are in the stroller, Sage yells "Holby, no touch you!" Or if Kolby's hand drops over the edge of his car seat and happens to touch a toy of Sages that was not previously being played with or even cared that it was there he yells "Holby, no!" Now Sage has been kicked by Kolby in the stroller while Kolby was wearing his bar so he probably is a little extra sensitive. And since I have been on the receiving end of those kicks, I can understand why he is extra careful! I do have bruises on my legs.

I have a new friend, actually lots of new friends! But one, I really click with. She is down to earth and has a nine month old little boy. We plan on swapping kids and getting together as often as possible! And we relate to each other really easily.

God is so good, he is moving our best friends that we had here away and he immediatly filled the gaping hole that they would have left.

I went to a partners lunch for Drew's school today and the one comment that sticks in my head is "Remember it will get better, fall semester is really tough on these students." 2 more years, 2 more years, 2 more years. And "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." Actually, I will be leaning more on Him and He will drag me through!


  1. I missed your posts sooo much. I pray for you and totally understand the Holby no - I am hearing that from 2 little mouths now but with a piercing scream on the end. Praying for you!

  2. The "boys' room"...reminds me of a certain boys' room I remember in my house!


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