Sunday, June 05, 2011

I hope this comes out right

This morning was our last Sunday at First Baptist. 

We loved our time there.  Our first day was June 8, almost 3 years exactly.  When we came, we felt like we were drinking from a fire hose after being in a drought for 3 years.  That first Sunday, I was worried that people wouldn't have room in their hearts for one more friend.  3 years later, I can't count the number of  friends from First Baptist.  The people are incredibly wonderful. 

Our Sunday school class this morning sent us out with a prayer time.  Drew and I got up front and Drew started to tell them how much we love and appreciate them.  He got choked up.  I said a few things after being adamant that I wouldn't say a word.  I told them how they have spurred us on in our faith, how they are a class that is pursuing hard after Christ and they bring everyone along with them.  We love and appreciate every, single person.

Drew told them that we weren't leaving because we needed a new church, we love our church.  We are going to start Bayou City Fellowship because the city needs another church, the city needs more people to know about Jesus.  This new church isn't for us, it is all for the glory of Christ!

It is with great sadness that we close this chapter at First.

It is with great excitement that we start this new chapter at Bayou City Fellowship. 

Appropriately, we met with our core group for Bayou City Fellowship tonight.  It soothes the sadness of the morning.  It ignites the excitement. 

We are believing and expecting Jesus to do great things. 

When Drew and I were babies, still in college, not married or even engaged, we came to Dallas (with other people) and went to a conference called Destinations.  Towards the end of the conference, they asked people to commit to living in a big city and serving God.  We stood up.

Here we are Lord, use us!