Thursday, October 27, 2011


I hate Halloween.
I hate the planning for the costumes.
I hate buying costumes.
I hate all the scary stuff. 

I might have changed my tune this year.

Because of a borrowed zebra. But mostly because of the sweet girl inside the costume. 

Because of a really happy, jumping Buzz.
A tough Jengo Fette.
A sweet Boba Fette.
And the cutest zebra ever.
And a fun neighborhood that trick or treats early, just for the neighbors.
(That's our house! I need to write an I love our house post.)


  1. Awww, loved seeing your sweet family in their AWESOME costumes!! And what a great idea to trick-or-treat EARLY just for your neighborhood! Love this. And love your house! Hope all is well in the Steffen household! Stace

  2. precious - all of them!! Thanks for sharing!
    Missing you all,

  3. Fun! I don't like Halloween either. Maybe when the kids get a little older. Right now they could care less, so it works out well for us.
    Can't wait to see pics of the house. Looks nice from the outside!

  4. :) Love seeing pics of your sweet's been too long! I agree, you have an adorable zebra!!

  5. Love that another cute girl gets to sport the zebra costume this year! Precious kiddos!

  6. Yeah to finally see a picture of your home! Love the tree, yard, the zebra, the action heroes and you :)

  7. Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute, and Cute! (that's one for each kid and one for the house) :)

  8. good grief...precious! All of you.

  9. um, here's my confession:
    i love your family in their halloween gear this year.
    is it weird if i print the picture of the four of them and add it next to the framed pictures of our kids on halloween each year?
    how about i just frame it for you.
    that might make more sense.

  10. oh my goodness. that is the most precious little zebra I have ever seen! and the boys are pretty hilarious too :) we should facetime realllll soon!

  11. Love the costumes and love seeing your kids! So sweet! Your house is lovely, too.

    I wish our neighborhood did something like that. We live on a street of mostly retirees or sourpusses. Or both. We will still go trick-or-treating on Halloween night.

  12. Oh my gosh! I finally get to see pictures. I only check in once in awhile since you usually don't post often, and what a wonderful surprise! Several new posts and pics!! You have a beautiful family. And I simply adore your writing. Thank you so much.


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