Wednesday, July 06, 2011


A week from today, we will be signing the contracts to sell our current house and buy a different house. (Lord willing.) 

A week from tomorrow, the movers will show up to pack up our house and (Lord willing) move us into our new house the same day.

A week from Monday, Kolby and Levi start everyday swim lessons for 2 weeks. (great timing)

A week from Thursday, I will have a 7 year old. (I don't want to talk about this.  For a myriad of reasons.  1)I'll have a 7 year old. 2)We have bought him one gift. 3)We may or may not be moving into a new house the day before.  We may be moving on his actual birthday. )

Sage lost his second tooth on Monday, the 4th of July.  We went to Lowe's to get the final things needed to finish fixing our house for the buyers and he showed me how his tooth could lay down flat.  I told him I wouldn't pull it but I wanted to touch it.  Then I told him I take it back, I did want to pull it.  I put my fingers on it like I was going to yank and it fell out in my hand!  I pulled his tooth in the middle of Lowe's.

Levi is fully potty trained!  You probably already thought I did that back in December.  We gave it a really good try but he just wasn't quite ready.  He went back to diapers after a week.  We kept talking about how when Sage and Kolby were done with school, he'd start wearing underwear all the time.  I kept thinking we'd do the 3 day method again.  And then I looked closely at our calendar and realized that we didn't have 3 days at home. I decided to just go for it.  And he did so great!  I expected accidents and there were some, but nothing horrible.  I'm not so sure having him potty trained is easier, I would say it's more difficult to take him to the bathroom out in public while trying to hold Annika, but I love not changing the diapers!

Annika.  She has 6 teeth and crawls everywhere.  She looks exactly like Drew.  Except prettier.  She shakes her head no to make us laugh and also when we tell her no, no, usually about putting something in her mouth or touching the stereo.  She waves, blows kisses, signs milk and all done. 

Sage swam on a swim team this year!  He started knowing how to swim but not the greatest.  It was a modified doggy paddle.  One arm would come out of the water and one arm stayed under water.  By time trials, after a month of practice 6 days a week, he was swimming a good front crawl.  He would bring his head straight up to take a breath instead of rolling his head to the side.  He swam a 25 yard freestyle in 34 seconds.  His first meet, he was in the second heat of swimmers (meaning the heat ahead of him were all faster swimmers and his time didn't count toward team points) and he got first place!  He was so excited.  He moved up to the first heat for the rest of the meets.  He continued to improve all season and was invited to the Meet of Champs!  He swam the fastest he had ever swam in the semi-finals, 23.4 seconds and got 7th out of 34 boys!  He got to swim the next day at the finals and got 8th out of 8.  His relay got 6th out of 8 in the finals.

We are so proud of him.  I was nervous about signing him up for such a big commitment.  For the month of May, we picked him up from school, had a snack in the van and headed to swim team.  Kolby and Levi played outside on the swing set and in a huge pile of sand.  When school got out, he switched to morning practice, so for the month of June, we were at swim practice every morning at 8:30.  I told him when I signed him up, that I didn't want to fight him on going to practice, we would be going everyday and there would be no arguing or complaining.  Not once did he complain about going to practice!  I was proud of the way he would listen to his coach's instruction (and mine!) and then improve.  He loved it so much that we're looking into doing swim team year round.  (He asked)

I have high hopes of writing more. 

I also have high hopes of waking up at 5:30am so I can start running again. 

I also have high hopes of Annika sleeping through the night without me forcing it.

I also have high hopes of decorating our house really cute and showing you all the before and after pictures.

I think I need to sleep less. 


  1. How are our babies turning 7?! WOW!!!!

  2. What joy it gave me to see this in the feed reader! Love the update, friend. And I'm so proud of Sage and of you for all YOUR effort!

  3. Oh, the paragraph about Annika makes me tear up! I've missed so much!!! So proud of Sage, can't believe he's going to be 7. I still remember his goofy little shaggy-haired self in our 4 yr old Sunday School class. So precious. I can't wait to see pictures of the house!!! FUN!

  4. I pulled out every single one of my own teeth in public. I don't think I meant to and my mom hated it.

    Praying for your move nexy week!

    P.S. I think you're a great mom.


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